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What is the Asheville Tool Library?

The Asheville Tool Library is a volunteer-powered, membership-based nonprofit that shares its tools and resources and offers educational opportunities to the Asheville Area Community

Become a Member

Joining the Asheville Tool Library gives you access to many member benefits: Borrow the tools you need for up to a week at a time. Connect with a great community of resourceful people. Save money - why buy or rent a tool you rarely use when you can borrow it and return it for someone else to use when you're done?

Become a Member
Become a Member

Pay $50-$150 sliding scale annually or apply for a discounted or free membership. Drop in during open hours and bring a state-issued ID.

Borrow Tools

Browse our inventory and reserve tools online or just drop in during open hours to see what’s available. All tools are loaned for a week at a time.

Community Resources

Get involved. Find and share resources with your community. Learn more about the sharing economy.

Our Tool Inventory includes over 1,000 tools that we lend to members! You may be surprised at all the tools available for you to borrow. Browse Tools

Want to get involved and support our work? We are community-powered! Volunteer, Donate, and find Community Resources. Support AVLTL