AVLTL History

AVLTL History


AVLTL HistoryAbout co-founders Nick, Julian and Tom:

Nick Letts worked as a site manager for an urban demonstration project that housed a tool library for 18 months culminating in 2007. Starting a tool library in Asheville has been a project on the back of his mind since that time but it took a while to get further than a casual conversation.


In the fall of 2012 Nick started a permaculture apprenticeship with Zev Friedman and Dylan Rylas-Hamilton. He was blessed to meet co-apprentice Julian Dominic, who became a great friend and co-founder of the Asheville Tool Library (AVLTL). They partnered on community donation garden project Charlotte Got Crops.


Over the next few weeks, they recognized their own need for tools and heard similar stories from many people involved in community projects. It became clear they had identified a need in the community and had a solution benefitting those of every race, economic status, age, and sexual orientation in our community.


Ultimately the biggest tool we will ever have is the ability to build community and the AVLTL is one tool in that toolbox.


Enter Tom Llewellyn. With an extensive history of organizing on local and national levels with REAL Cooperative and Sustainable Living Roadshow, Tom brought great energy and desire for change, along with an experienced point of view. Our team is confident and ready to guide this project into the future as a leader for a new Western NC.


In addition to these three coordinators, there is a growing team of dedicated volunteers supporting the growth of this project with their many skills.


A few words from the founders

*Note: The location has changed since this video was released. The Asheville Tool Library’s permanent home is 133 Church St.