Welcome to the Asheville Tool Library!

Our Mission:

The Asheville Tool Library provides tools at low or no cost to citizens and local community organizations.

In addition, we will provide opportunities for members to become more deeply engaged in

  • home maintenance
  • bike and automotive repair
  • garden projects
  • community work days
  • art projects and creative experimentation
  • business incubation
  • projects just for fun

Why We’re Doing It:

We provide low cost access to a wide range of tools, literature, and knowledge to citizens of western NC.

The community-driven project aims to empower individuals and the community at large through affordable access to resources that encourage rehabilitation, creativity, entrepreneurship, livability, and community development in Western NC.

The Asheville Tool Library will directly address the issue of socio-economic inequality that’s existed in Western NC by providing low/no cost access to tools, education, and resources for all members of our community.


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The Asheville Tool Library is Fiscally Sponsored by Empowerment Works